Wednesday, April 9, 2014

TPT Plunge - Linky Party

The Dabbling Speechie has a linky party that's all to do with our first loves over at Teachers Pay Teachers. Come take the plunge with me!!

One of the first products I paid for at TpT was "Timesaving Templates for TPT Sellers" from Speech Therapy Games

I have saved so much time using these templates to create my own materials. Using the "Slide Master" function in Powerpoint was a breakthrough time saver for me as well.

The products I've used the most this school year are hands-down the


This school year was a little different for me as half of my caseload was made up of preschoolers who attended sessions with their parents.I imagine it was much like a private practice setting. I loved having the moms and dads in the sessions to ask questions and be involved. These bundles were what I used to send home as homework. The graphics are adorable and the content of the packets perfectly aligned to my littles' goals. They took some time to prepare, but I was lucky enough to have some willing parents help out with the cutting. I stored them as sets in gallon sized ziplock baggies so the kiddos could grab one and take it with them after each session.

My best selling product on TpT has been Preposition Playground.
It targets the concepts of under, on top of, behind, beside and between. I'll be adding to this set in the next few weeks. 

My best selling item on Teachers Notebook has been "Camping is Fun - A Read-Along Book"

This story lists the items a family would need to take with them on camping trip. It mainly targets vocabulary. The Level 2 book includes questions, following directions and inferencing.

I hope you'll go over to The Dabbling Speechie and see what the other gals have posted. I've already added five products to my wishlist!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Moving house

As you may know, I'm a military spouse. My husband proudly serves the US Air Force. We have been stationed overseas in England for the past three years. I have loved living and working here more than I can say, but I am very happy to be coming home to the states. We will be back state-side in a few days' time and we'll be spending some time with family and friends. I'll be applying to new jobs and hoping and praying that all of our furniture and belongings make it back to us in good condition. The point is, I'll be out of the blogosphere for a a few weeks. 

I hope you all can take some time to be creative with me. 

I found these little beauties at a store here in the UK and I knew I had to have them, but I'm really not sure what I'm going to do with them. I'd love some ideas from all you wonderful people.