Saturday, August 3, 2013


What can I say? I'm a fan. I enjoy a good sushi roll from time to time. Connoisseurs would say I know nothing about sushi and don't really eat true sushi. Nigiri? Sashimi? Rice - inside or outside? Wasabi? Soy? Raw? Fried? I respond with this: I'll try anything once, and I know what I like!

I made this quick little reinforcement game because I saw the clip art at Lettering Delights and had to have it. I enjoy reinforcement games almost as much as my students. I think they keep the drill more interesting for my articulation kiddos and they provide an opportunity to introduce a new topic of conversation at the speech table for the language students.

This one is pretty simple in gameplay, but will be challenging enough for your groups to complete so it's really a win-win.

There are eight different types of sushi and four special cards. The goal of the game is to collect ten matching pieces to complete your sushi roll. Each student gets a plate/placemat with a picture of the sushi roll they are trying to complete.

The cards will be placed in a Chinese take-out box or bento box. After each talking turn the students will draw a sushi piece and see if it matches the one that's on their plate/placemat. If the card is a match, they keep it. If the card doesn't match, it's returned. If the student draws a special card, they will follow the directions to draw another card(s), return card(s), or lose a turn.

Printing instructions are included in the product download. I've provided backing for the cards, but it's not always necessary to print double sided. I usually do print my cards with a backing in case I decide to use the cards for another purpose or with new rules for the game. For example, you could hold up the cards and have the students pick from your hand or arrange the cards in a round on the table and call it the conveyor belt like in the picture below. For my wiggle worms, I like to play games with cards in different locations around the room so they have a chance to move about and use up some energy. The backing is nice in these situations, but you're free to choose how you want to print your file.

Also included in the product file is a FREEBIE BONUS articulation word list with sushi themed words. I hope you and your students will enjoy this fun game in your classroom. You can purchase Sushi at Teacher's Notebook or here at Teachers Pay Teachers.

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